Tsunayoshi Sawada Character Review

The main characters in most anime are always badass and overpowered from the start so that viewers don’t leave the show because of a pathetic male lead.

However, this was not the case with the anime Reborn! which features Tsunayoshi Sawada, a rather pathetic protagonist as he was not good with anything. However, after analyzing the series it is safe to say Tsunayoshi Sawada’s dorky personality became the highlight of this anime.

People started loving this character because he was very grounded. Let’s discuss this unusual popular protagonist in detail.


Tsunayoshi Sawada was a middle schooler living the life of a loser as he was not good at everything. On top of it, he was suffering from unrequited love. Because of Tsunayoshi’s failures, he was treated ill and his classmates started referring to him as “Loser Tsuna”.

However, the gloomy life of Tsuna changed completely when he encountered a Reborn (Hitman), a person with a baby doll-like appearance.

Reborn is affiliated with a powerful mafia family in Italy and his purpose in coming to Japan is to train Tsunayoshi to be a hitman so that he can succeed as the ninth boss of the Vongola Family. With this situation in place, Tsunayoshi’s dull life as a loser may not last long.


Tsunayoshi was selected as the 10th mafia boss of the Vongola Family but his way of living was not changed, Reborn was assigned just for nurturing Tsunayoshi into a proper mafia boss.

Most of the time Tsunayoshi just runs away from the harsh training of Reborn which reflects his wimpy and undetermined attitude. Well, this is not far from reality, how can you expect a middle school boy to reform himself as a mafia boss instantly. However, there is a major upgrade in Tsunayoshi’s character which we see as the story progresses.

Character Development

Tsunayoshi is shown to become more mature and responsible with the progress of the series. He made many friends including Kyoko, his crush—who became his supporters in becoming a mafia boss.

Tsunayoshi decided to become strong so that he can protect his beloved ones from rival mafia gangs and enemies as he doesn’t want his supporters to die because of his weakness.

Reality oriented Character

One of the things which I personally loved about Reborn! and Tsunayoshi is a strong reflection of reality. The plot of the anime depicts realistic scenarios like Tsunayoshi getting afraid of becoming a mafia boss-like a normal person would and things like he didn’t become super powerful in one night like a supernatural protagonist.

Powers and Abilities

After training with Reborn, Tsunayoshi discovers some powerful abilities and techniques which would surely help him in the journey of becoming a true mafia boss.

Most of the abilities originate from Dying Will Flame. Dying Will Flame is high-density energy that originates from one’s life force and emotions.


At first, Tsunayoshi didn’t have many friends nor did he care about one. However, upon becoming a mafia boss candidate he met with different persons some were nice to him and some were against him.

However, upon interacting with them and taking things seriously for the first time in his life he came on terms with them. In fact, they became the driving force that compelled Tsunayoshi to become a mafia boss powerful enough to protect his friends and beloved ones.


In short, Tsunayoshi Sawada’s character is quite unusual but still lovable as his character transcends the very definition of a usual protagonist. The whole series remains true to its purpose that is conveying something unordinary yet realistic. Considering the unique aspects of this anime I would like to recommend this anime series to you.

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