Great Teacher Onizuka Review

If you are thinking about topics to make an anime, a teacher’s life would never sound like an interesting concept. However, we have an anime called Great Teacher Onizuka, or GTO for short. It revolves around a teacher named Eikichi Onizuka who is very unusual in his way of teaching and living.

His unique style of living is what makes this anime a legendary anime of the 20th century. The very character of Onizuka breaks the ordinary boundaries of a usual teacher character. Today, we are going to discuss this eccentric teacher in detail.


Eikichi Onizuka was an adult living his life as a bike gang leader. Onizuka’s life was filled with violence, terror, and nothing but trouble. However, even though it seems unrealistic, Onizuka had a dream of becoming the greatest teacher in Japan.

His motive behind this goal was to have a charming lady as his wife because this eccentric gang leader was still a virgin.

After putting in some effort he became a teacher in the famous Forest Academy. But he was assigned to an irregular class like him.

The students in Onizuka’s class were all delinquents and bullies. Onizuka must deal with the daily problems of his students so that he can achieve his supreme goal of becoming a great teacher with a charming wife.


Great Teacher Onizuka is one of a kind anime with a very unique storyline and good humor. Even though it is unexpected from an anime like GTO, it has some sort of life lesson at the end of each episode.

The animation is not the strongest aspect of this anime but we can’t complain since it is an anime from the 90s. The art style however is very good looking.

The main reason why you should watch this anime is that it is a beautiful character study of Onizuka. You will instantly fall in love with this eccentric character. The first episode is enough for you to be enchanted by Onizuka and his ridiculous ways.

Gangsta Personality

Onizuka was feared by the other gangs because of his insane physical abilities as he was a black belt in Karate.

People judge his powerful athlete physique as the source of his strength but in reality, Onizuka’s strength comes from his own ideals and views which he considers absolute. Onizuka’s dominating personality and the no-nonsense aura that he gives are one of the reasons behind his popularity.

Great Teacher

Onizuka’s character is not all about his life as a delinquent but the interaction of his previous life with a new one.

In other words, the implementation of practical world techniques in the ordinary life of a teacher unexpectedly makes it interesting.

Since the class of Onizuka is full of troublesome students, Onizuka is always found using his experiences in life to solve the problems of his students.

Eventually, the most troublesome students of the school end up acknowledging Onizuka as their great teacher.

Humor Oriented Plot

In my opinion, humor is the key factor in the success of this anime as the most awkward and serious situations are balanced with a dose of humor in it that is funny in reality too.

All of this credit goes to the writer for crafting such an insane storyline with humor.


In short, with the progress of the story, Onizuka’s character keeps developing into a very loveable and likable character that is not boring at all. I think this reason is enough to give this series a shot.

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