6 Best Anti Heroes in Anime

Some characters in Anime have some hidden motives that no one notices in the beginning, but as the Anime progresses they start showing their real intentions. Fans have different tastes in taking sides, some are impressed with the way such characters think, and then they began taking a liking to such characters. We present you with the list of our Top 6 Anti Hero in Anime characters :

6 Kenpachi Zaraki – Bleach

This man loves one thing and one thing and that is only to fight. He is one of the 13 captains that oversee and provide defense for the afterlife. You could say he is more of a good guy, that is unless there’s a strong enemy involved. If someone evil comes then screw the rules and bust out the sword friends, associates, enemies, Kenpachi will slice them all up just for the thrill of it.

5 Itachi Uchiha – Naruto Shippuden

This guy takes being a Big Brother to a new level, he is the elder sibling of the secondary main character of the Anime. This ninja is remembered for killing his family but he saves his little brother and joins the terrorist group called “The Akatsuki”. Itachi was a scapegoat and eliminate his clan prevented a coup d’etat that could have resulted in another shinobi war. Sparing his brother allowed him to one day surpass and kill Itachi.

4 Greed – Fullmetal Alchemist

when you’re bored and your anger comes from pure sin you expect nothing but evil to come out of it and then there’s Greed the homunculus, who rebelled abandoning his creator to satisfy his own luxurious needs. Greed is defiant, almost invulnerable, yet he cares for his underlings. He even makes a heroic sacrifice against the demonic father.

3 Alucard Helsing – Hellsing

He’s a gun-wielding Dracula in service to England who battles crazy Catholics and Nazi vampires. The embodiment of violence and death, Alucard is bound to the Helsings family who serves queen and country and protects against the things that go bump in the night thank God he’s on our side because this modest fix can rip you to pieces.

2 Light Yagami – Death Note

He is the student who declared himself God of the new world after finding a mysterious book that has the power to take a life. Light begins a crusade to free the world of evil or at least what he perceives as evil. Former coworkers and anyone who gets too close to uncovering his secret are in his game of death. He keeps his identity hidden so many people are in the pursuit to find the person who is responsible for mass killing.

1 Vegeta – Dragon Ball Z

He has tried to destroy the earth just as many times as he saved it as a Prince. His only goal in life is to become the most powerful being in the universe and that’s not just a pipe dream he’s got enough power to do so. Both ally and rival enemy and comrade this Super Saiyan is not someone to be messed with.

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